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6 Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas for the Family

6 Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas for the Family

Fairies have been popular for quite awhile now. I remember getting porcelain fairy figurines as a child. Now, miniature fairy gardens are all the rage! Summer is now in full swing and people everywhere are enjoying their personal fairy gardens. If you think this is something you are interested in, take a look at my top 6 magical miniature fairy garden ideas for the family.

6 Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas for the Family

Fairy Root House


Tree Roots Miniature Fairy GardenSource:

Do you have a big tree in your yard with visible roots? This is a great way to spice up the area at the base of your tree! Plus, it’s a fun place for kids to hang out and use their imagination when visiting their fairy friends.

Fairy Planter


This blogger found that she had a planter that didn’t get enough water and a whole lot of sun. Her solution – create a fairy garden! What a great use of space that you already have but can’t really use for much else.

Fairy Tree House

Tree House Miniature Fairy GardenSource:

Everyone loves a good childhood tree house! This miniature tree house for an adorable fairy garden is no exception. Not only that, this fairy garden is movable!

Old Wine Barrel Fairy Garden

Wood Barrel Miniature Fairy GardenSource:

Old wine barrels are a great piece of rustic decor on their own. Add an enchanting miniature fairy garden to it, and you have a great outdoor decoration. Have kids? Make it kid friendly for a year-round play station.

Vintage Wash Tub Fairy Garden

Planter box Miniature Fairy GardenSource:

I absolutely love this vintage wash tub fairy garden! It’s portable, the perfect size, and easy to make. It’s also open to your imagination when it comes to putting it together!

6 Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas for the Family

Have you created a fairy garden in your yard? I would love to see what yours looks like!

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