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Hello there, I’m Heather from Messy Makes Perfect.

I am a mom to a set of rambunctious twins (boy/girl) and the wife to a fine man.

I studied Graphic Design and spent a few years working for Tyler R. Brown Photography designing and editing photos. I loved meeting new clients on a regular basis, helping to grow a small business, and seeing my design work all over social media and going home with clients.

But soon after my twins were born everything changed. In April 2016 we quickly sold our house and bought a new one. The following month we moved in with my husband’s parents while our new house was being built and I became a stay at home mom. I had always dreamed of being able to stay home to raise my children but didn’t think it was possible. I initially started a blog to share my adventures as a mom of twins but quickly lost track of time and it slipped by the wayside.

In August 2016 our house was completed and we moved for the second time that year. We were blessed to move in next to another couple our age that had a son a year after our children were born. I decided to watch my neighbor’s child as a source of additional income. Caring for children is a wonderful thing but I needed an outlet for my creativity, so I once again started a blog. It also helped having something that involved real words, full sentences, and no spit up or dirty diapers! Just one example of the insanity that is parenting is when one of my children pooped in the tub. You can read about that experience here.

With our twins’ second birthday fast approaching, the thought of a new baby was on the horizon. I knew our expenses would be increasing when this happened. So, my other desire was to start making extra money to help with the family expenses. Which is why I started

Why Blogging?

Blogging is extremely flexible! I can work during naps and after the kids go to bed. My “office” travels with me and I decide what I create and when I create it. Blogging is also rewarding. I love seeing the projects others decide to tackle in an effort to decorate their homes, give a personal gift to someone, or just bring more art into the world.

I love spending my extra time creating fun projects for others to try out! Or finding new crafts to experiment with my children like these sensory bottles. Having a community of like-minded people to share all these ideas bouncing around in my head with is pretty cool too.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and thank you for visiting! Lets connect, I would love to hear your thoughts on the things we’re posting.

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