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10 Creative Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

10 Creative Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Every big announcement is another opportunity to do something creative for me. Announcing a pregnancy is no different! With our first pregnancy, we announced to our family and friends using the image below. We had initially planned on a baseball themed photo announcement but the weather didn’t cooperate with us so we decided to go with snowmen!

Our First Pregnancy Announcement

Now that we have little ones, I want to include them in our next pregnancy announcement when the time comes. In the meantime, here are creative ways to announce your pregnancy that I just couldn’t help but share with y’all! The images below are a selection from various other sites. Please click through to the source to see the full posts for each.

10 Creative Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

(Cozy Little Nook)

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

(Elana’s Blair Photography)

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

(One Little Project)

(Keeping Up With the Morgans)

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

(Rebecca Whitney Photography)

(First Comes Love)

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

(Little Faces Apparel)

(Life With My Littles)

(JJM Photography)


For those of you who are curious, no, we are not announcing anything! Just sharing some fun images for those who are or plan to be announcing a pregnancy soon.

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