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Nearly Attacked by a Spider During Family Photos

Nearly Attacked by a Spider During Family Photos

Ok… So we weren’t nearly attacked by a spider during our family photos but that thing was HUGE! I mean the size of my palm, huge. We made it a point to steer clear of said giant spider and his equally large web. Here’s a flash back to our family session last fall.

Before I had my children, I worked for Tyler R. Brown Photography in Frisco, Texas. I loved the work and the people I met but around the time my twins turned 8 months old I was out of childcare options. Thus, my husband and I decided it was time for me to become a stay-at-home mom. Now I just can’t see myself going anywhere else when it comes time for professional photos. Seriously, they have photographed my children at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, and now two family sessions! They also specialize in senior portrait photography so they know their stuff.

As with any session, there tends to be at least one thing interesting that happens. Lucky for us, there were a few during our session. I had originally planned on going to a well known bridge not too far from us. However, after watching a particularly frightening episode of Ghost Adventures, I chose a quiet (non-freaky) park near my in-law’s house. We were hoping for a beautiful fall day but instead got a somewhat gloomy day with the occasional sprinkle here and there. Nevertheless, we powered on determined to take our family photos.

Nearly Attacked by a Spider During Family Photos

The twins were in high spirits and enjoying some time outside as we started snapping shots of us all together. That lasted all of 2 minutes before they were ready to run wild. Luckily, Macy has some experience with kiddos and was able to snag some adorable shots of them exploring. Like many parks with ponds, this one had a group of ducks and one goose that thinks they run the joint. My husband and son were the first to get a closer look only to be chased off by the angry goose. We all shared a laugh and started on our way to our next photo op spot. As we were passing the group of ducks, the goose let out an awful squawk and charged at us. Never fear though, Macy has experience with these majestic creatures and was there to charge right back and let out her own unique squawk!

The rest of the session went relatively well. Callie took a very graceful fall flat on her face while running toward Macy and I ripped a hole right in the butt of my jeans while sitting on a wooden crate. As a new mom recovering from being pregnant with twins, understand when I say those were my ONLY pair of skinny jeans that fit… and just barely.

Ripped skinny jeans aside… Once again, we got fabulous photos from Tyler R. Brown Photography and I suggest anyone looking for beautiful family photos, senior portraits, or newborn/infant photos go to their website and take a look at their work.

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