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Only the Beginning

Only the Beginning

Hello there!

My first post for this blog! In honor of new beginnings, here’s a little insight into how I got to this moment in time. Back in 2015, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child… make that children. I was pregnant with twins! I had this crazy idea that THAT was the perfect time to take on a new blog and try to work on my Etsy shop, Sparkle and Oomph, all while still holding down a full time job. How silly I was. Here is what my very FIRST blog post was:

I’m starting a new chapter in my life… becoming a mommy! Although I wouldn’t say it was 100% planned, my husband and I couldn’t be more excited about becoming parents. Oh, and did I mention it’s TWINS?! Yea… first time around and we got pregnant with twins! What a shock it was to both of us when we first found out. We decided to name them Carter Henry and Callie Lynn. You heard right! A boy and a girl… the perfect pair.

As I start this new chapter of my life with my amazing husband, Ryan, I have also decided to tackle a new website and Etsy shop. I have always wanted to keep a journal or blog but can’t ever seem to stick with it. I have so many thoughts to write down but can’t ever seem to get them on paper (or computer) before I forget all about what I want to say. So, please bear with me as I attempt to stick to some sort of schedule with this blog! I also started an Etsy about a year ago but couldn’t find time to keep up with it and it slipped to the back of my mind to collect dust and cobwebs.

So here goes… I am starting a fresh new blog, starting fresh with my Etsy shop, and all while raising twins and working full time. Maybe I should say a little prayer real quick.

Maybe you’re wondering why that’s the original text when this is the first post on my website. Well, I originally started on my website, Double Dose of Reality. While that name was perfect for a blog on life with twins, I felt that it just wasn’t the right fit for my end goal. After a lot of thought, a little sleep (due to a sick toddler), and the trusty opinion of my mother, I decided to change my blog name. I needed to do this before I gained more followers and risked confusing the heck out of everyone. Sorry friends!

So, if you have been a follower from the beginning and are bearing with me on this change of scenery, thank you! For all those who are brand new to me and my website, welcome! I hope you all enjoy the things I have to share with you.

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