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Proper Etiquette of Welcoming New Families to the Neighborhood

Proper Etiquette of Welcoming New Families to the Neighborhood

The world is constantly changing. Generations are learning in new ways and doing things differently than the generations before them. One area this seems to hold true is proper etiquette when it comes to welcoming new families to the neighborhood.

Remember that plate of goodies that a neighbor brought your family when you moved into a new home as a child? It might have even been a casserole. That little gesture belongs to a long-time tradition that occurs around the world.

In India, it’s common to bring flowers and fruit as a housewarming gift. Some traditions include inviting the new family to your home for a meal and giving them a gift afterward.

Italians gift a family with a broom that they can use to sweep away the old while making room for the new. Clearing out any pesky evil spirits still lingering in the home is also part of the symbolism of the broom.

The new family in the neighborhood is expected to hand out gifts to the established neighbors in Japan. They are typically small gifts such as hand towels and go to everyone in the neighborhood.

Right here in the good ol’ US of A the best way to welcome a new family is to gift them a plate of cookies or even a bouquet of garden flowers. You might also include a collection of takeout menus from your favorite local places if they are new to the general area.

We have been very lucky to have wonderful neighbors in both of the houses we have lived in so far. Our current house, however, is the first one where we moved in before other families around us. A couple families moved in across the street and we wanted to welcome them traditionally – with delicious cookies. I wanted to go a little further than just putting cookies on a plate. Instead, I bought single cupcake boxes and put the cookies inside. They were wrapped with Jute string and I even created some “Welcome to the neighborhood” tags.

I love being able to share this experience with my kids while also meeting new families! I hope we continue to have fabulous neighbors that we can enjoy our neighborhood with and each others’ company.

What is your favorite way to welcome neighbors to your neighborhood? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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