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A Rave Review of Olivewood Designs on Etsy

A Rave Review of Olivewood Designs on Etsy

I’m a huge believer in “shop small,” “support small,” and any other way we hashtag for small businesses. I’m a creator and a dreamer myself, so knowing that my purchase is building up another family and supporting their dreams means everything to me. This company is so inspiring to follow.  It’s more than all the heart eyes when they share pictures from their own garage of works in progress while surrounded by family, wooden hearts, and all the love. It gives me hope and a strong reminder to keep chasing the dream. Come to think of it, it’s not an accurate description to call them “small” anymore as they’ve gained quite a following!

Olivewood Designs Heart Board

Olivewood Designs offers a variety of unique, handmade, home decor pieces that are so fun and so pretty.  I purchased one of their decorative hearts for myself and another heart as a gift. I had been eyeing the unique hearts for weeks and could not wait to place my order. It was such a fun and crazy process. Olivewood Designs offers their products on their Etsy shop. They provide periodic restocks but are so sought after that you have to be strategic to score the item you want!  Surprisingly to me, that made it all the more exciting!  You would have thought I had won the lottery when I completed my purchase! The hearts arrived just as described. I loved them instantly!  The variety of wood they use really emphasizes how unique their designs are. I added my heart to our gallery wall and it’s still my favorite piece!

A Rave Review of Olivewood Designs from a Fellow Creative

They make such a great gift idea too; well made, very trendy, and unique. They sure know what they’re doing over there at Olivewood Designs. I love every image that they share. Check them out on Instagram for a full look at their product line!

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