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Throw up on Aisle Nine – Stomach Bug Strikes Again

Throw up on Aisle Nine – Stomach Bug Strikes Again

Throw up on aisle nine! I just couldn’t help but share this stomach bug story from a weekend back in April. It still cracks me up thinking about it. About how our first experience of a child getting sick in the store went down. If you can’t handle vomit, proceed with caution.

Stomach bug strikes again - Exorcist gif

In my mind it was like a scene out of The Exorcist but I imagine to the onlookers who passed us by it was more like a scene from Parenthood. We had just left my niece’s birthday party and needed to run to Target on our way home. While checking out, my son, who was standing in the basket of the cart, threw up all over himself. My husband says, “Oh my God baby, he just threw up” to which I reply, “WHAT?” and look over. My son continues to gag so I quickly grab a plastic shopping bag and hand it to my husband telling him to just take the children to the bathroom and I would be right there (I had to finish paying for our stuff).


Stomach bug strikes again - Parenthood gif

As the card reader takes its sweet time reading my card, I’m watching my husband stop the cart at the end of an empty register and just stand there (insert wide eyed emoji here). I walk over just as my son throws up again onto the CLOSED bag my husband is holding in his hand. The bag that should have been thrown up IN instead of ON… and on my son, and on the cart, and on my husband’s arm. I’m still shaking my head as I write this.

At this point all I can do is just pick up my son and rush into the family bathroom where I can strip him down and try to wash off all the puke. All this complicated more by the fact that Target had installed THE WORST paper towel dispenser. The kind that requires you to turn the inverted knob, or whatever you would call it, on the side because it refuses to let you just pull down on the towel to get it out. REALLY? Once my son was mostly clean, I opened the door and had Ryan bring the whole cart into the bathroom so he could clean up while I wiped off the cart basket.

After a deep breath, we all headed back to the car. Ryan pushed the cart with my daughter, who had been surprisingly very quite and calm through the chaos, while I carried my son who was now only wearing a diaper, socks, and one shoe. Now you may be thinking the story ends here… but you would be SO wrong.

Back at the car, I put a shirt on my son while my husband loaded the car and grabbed my daughter. As I’m putting the cart away my son throws up again all down his front and now my front! I instantly hunch forward trying to avoid as much as possible while yelling for my husband to grab the wipes. I only make it back to the parking spot next to ours when he throws up twice more. All while customers are walking past us to begin their shopping and I’m thinking, “Welcome to Target. Please excuse the mac n cheese and fruit chunks in the parking lot and possibly near the self-checkout stands! My son apparently swallows his food whole.”

So, my daughter is in her car seat, my son in his, I’m sitting between them, and my husband is driving. We decided to try and make it home and I put a blanket on my son’s lap in case he gets sick again (in hindsight, I should have grabbed an extra bag on our way out). Of course, we didn’t make it home before he threw up all over the blanket, himself, and the car seat. But we made it home nonetheless and he went straight into the bath.

We made an appointment with the urgent care and took him in to see the doctor. As we expected, he has caught another stomach bug. By the end of the appointment he had perked up enough to climb on everything and yell, “water” repeatedly. The doctor gave him medicine for his upset tummy and we were on our way home again.

It was definitely not the end to our weekend that we had expected. We are learning that with children comes the unexpected.

If you have experienced anything like this with your children, I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

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